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1. What was your overall impression of the conference?

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2. Did the conference fulfill your expectations?

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4. Which presentation/s was/were your favorite? Please list the presentation topic or speaker name.

5. Please, evaluate each speaker/discussion
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Gregory Haye (Technical General Manager, Local Motors)

Manuel Asali (Vice President, Nexant)

Stephan Herbst (General Manager, Toyota Motor Europe)

Ivan Hodač (Founder and President of the Aspen Institute Central Europe

6. Which inspirational speakers, topics, would you like to hear in the future?

7. Please let us know, to which extent were you satisfied with….(scale – fully, to some extent, only to a limited extent, not at all)

Place of the conference

Timing of the conference

Structure of the conference (two blocks with a break)

Refreshments at the conference

8. What would you add or change for the next time?

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