SPEAKERS / Stephan Herbst

Stephan Herbst

Stephan is the general manager of Toyota Motor Europe with a focus on strategic planning for the European product base. His responsibilities include conducting, analysing, synthesizing market and customer trends as well as the development and implementation of technical strategies, with a specific focus on hydrogen. He is further responsible for co-ordinating high level consultations and policy among EU regulators.

Stephan began his career at the Toyota Motor Corporation in 2010, as part of the international management programme in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan. Prior to beginning his career at Toyota Motor, he functioned as a Project Manager at Volkswagen AG in Germany. His nearly 21-year long career in the automotive industry has largely addressed environmental awareness and sustainability within the industry.

During his time at Volkswagen AG, Stephan was in charge of managing international projects on sustainable mobility and represented VW in several industry groups such as the ACEA, CEPS and ICC. During his tenure at Toyota, he has contributed to developing industry-wide strategies on biofuels, climate change and urban mobility. He has further been involved in coordinating environmental and sustainability projects on a global scale within global sector trade and business associations.

An industry thought leader on climate policy, green/emerging technology, fuel cell scale-up and Research and Development in mobility, Stephan is actively involved in various mobility projects of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) such as Sustainable Mobility Project 1.0, Mobility for Development and is today co-leading the Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0.