SPEAKERS / Gregory Haye

Gregory Haye

Greg is charged with overseeing the Local Motors Knoxville research and development facility and acts as a materials and process development expert for the company. His additional role focuses on building strategic partnerships or joint developments for Local Motors corporate Research and Development.

Before his employment with Local Motors, he worked as an entrepreneur and market innovator in the field of motorsports composites. Greg has experience as a marketing director in arms manufacturing, and project manager and designer for one of Chicago’s top hospitality and retail experience design houses. In these roles, Greg successfully launched new manufacturing processes, brands, product lines, e-commerce platforms, and distribution programs in highly competitive markets.

Greg currently serves on the City of Knoxville Manufacturers Association Advisory Board, University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design Advisory Board, and is also engaged in collaborative design programs at both the University of Tennessee and Southern Illinois University. He has previously held an advisory board position with U.S. Department of Energy funded, Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation. With the support of the whole Local Motors team, he has taken on the challenge of changing the way manufacturing is done. Greg has his bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University in Industrial Design