Reactions Conference is an initiative that triggers awareness of the rapid technological changes affecting businesses and communities worldwide, keeping in mind that a successful transition into the new realm requires not only a simple acquirement of the new technologies, but a change of people's mind set.

The idea of organizing a branch conference comes from the specific nature of the petrochemical industry. It is the most innovative pillar of the manufacturing sector and second largest pro-investment oriented industry. It contributes to the growth and prosperity of 1.5 mil. EU workers and dominates over pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Thus, it is not a coincidence that a company like Unipetrol, being a petrochemical leader on the Czech market, and an owner of the largest chain of petrol stations becomes a facilitator of such discussion to engage scientists and experts, businesses, and associations and provide all a unique platform for sharing their ideas.

As part of PKN ORLEN, Unipetrol is the leading producer of polymers, having one of the top-5 most integrated petrochemical complexes in Europe. As innovation driven company, having two, unique state of the art of research and development facilities, Unipetrol ranks among the top 10 biggest companies in the Czech Republic.

Constant change is no longer the exception but is fundamental to growth, so events like this one should be a source of inspiration and ideas, providing an opportunity to find answers to the questions we still have in our heads.